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Growing up in Bangkok as a middle child, Alec Orachi shared musical interests with his siblings and started playing instruments at a young age. He move to Australia in 2014 where he absorb influences From Arctic Monkey, Bruno Mars to Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean and Xxxtentacion Which ultimately drove him to his first EP ‘I’m Not What They Say I Am’ Years later, he dropped out of college to become     a full-time artist. Signed under New Echoes, Alec Orachi released singles ‘Itsukushima’ and ‘219’ and received critical acclaim from local and international audiences. However, the process of making these 2 tracks taught him a lot as they were not 100% his sound.The young artist took a break from the studio,travelled to an island where he met ‘Na se’ an old man at a reggae bar who taught him a way to live   a simple life of sabai sabai (chill in Thai) Enlightened by the lesson. Alec came back to the city and learned to follow his needs, rejected what he didn’t believe in. Combine with his new love for Reggae, 1920s fast tempo jazz (Charleston) and Amy Winehouse.                  ‘FREE 2 GO “is born.


FREE 2 GO talks about the idea of going and getting what you want. Seeing the world as a playground and play with it as if you’re a kid. Try things, fail, fight back and learning every lesson throughout. A 10 track album portrays the experienced Alec went through as a boy growing into a man. Setting his priorities straight and knowing where he stands in society.





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