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Newechoes is proud to announce the signing of Numcha

Numcha is a singer and songwriter based in Thailand, mostly known by her nickname Numcha is an independent artist that made her debut on November 1, 2019, as know as Keep Cold there have a streaming music video on Youtube more than 9.5M viewers and 9M from Spotify listeners


Likewise, Numcha released three tracks, ‘Dirty Shoes’, ‘Krytonite’ and April’s Loop on her channel, furthermore, Numcha has had experiences in live performances in various events and festivals in Thailand, such as Cat Expo, Nylon live by Nylon Thailand, Live in a day by a day Magazine, I’m Fine Thank You Sit Down Please and GoodHood x Papaya presents GOOD DAYS NEVER END also global music festival is the first time performing in a virtual festival at Double Happiness by 88rising and LUCfest Music Festival from Taiwan


As Numcha aims to convey stories from the heart and her goal is to give Thai people and others worldwide who listen to international music a chance to listen to the music she made that will take listeners on melodies of passion, that will keep you pressing repeat by her journey with NewEchoes.




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